Two and Two, by Joseph Ashby-Sterry

“Picadilly (1876)” should be “Piccadilly (1876)”.
And, late Victorian virtuous romanti-ped Loliphile poet Joe, would now be late Elizabethan VILE persecuti-ped Loliphile poet Joe, kwote, “Pouting lips we cannot miss, Sweet foreshadowings of bliss— Which, in truth, seem made to kiss Two and two!”
“Sickening THOUGHT CRIMES indeed Ashby-Sterry!!” said the post-Orwell Grim Brit Judge misled by the AngLOW FemiNazi prosecutrix and psycho-lonials, “Case proven. Take him down! And on for VERY longterm treatment, in a VERY secure unit, for Cunits!! Bring on the next neo-Kinderphile (nut)case please.”

Meanwhile zero clicks OR thoughts from all the usual…ya’ll know the Rest In Pieces (or miskwote AgaDepleted, “Leave me in pieces.”)

Lurve, X


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