Two and Two, by Joseph Ashby-Sterry

“Picadilly (1876)” should be “Piccadilly (1876)”.
And, late Victorian virtuous romanti-ped Loliphile poet Joe, would now be late Elizabethan VILE persecuti-ped Loliphile poet Joe, kwote, “Pouting lips we cannot miss, Sweet foreshadowings of bliss— Which, in truth, seem made to kiss Two and two!”
“Sickening THOUGHT CRIMES indeed Ashby-Sterry!!” said the post-Orwell Grim Brit Judge misled by the AngLOW FemiNazi prosecutrix and psycho-lonials, “Case proven. Take him down! And on for VERY longterm treatment, in a VERY secure unit, for Cunits!! Bring on the next neo-Kinderphile (nut)case please.”

Meanwhile zero clicks OR thoughts from all the usual…ya’ll know the Rest In Pieces (or miskwote AgaDepleted, “Leave me in pieces.”)

Lurve, X


Group of four young schoolgirls singing as they dance round the maypole – State Library of New South Wales FL1445193, via Wikimedia Commons

A poem celebrating the beauty and charm of four schoolgirls aged from 10 to 16. They are ready to seduce and ensnare future husbands. Again, Ashby-Sterry states his special fondness for the one aged 16.

T W O A N D T W O:
A Song of School-Girls.

COME the little ones in frocks,
With their broidered knickerbocks,
And their tangled sunny locks—
Laughing crew!
Come the dimpled darling pets,
With their tresses all in nets,
And their snow-white pantalettes
Just in view:
Come the gay and graceful girls,
With their chignons and their curls—
Sweetest string of Beauty’s pearls,
Two and two!

What delicious laughter trills,
When rude BOREAS half wills,
Just to flutter fairy frills
All askew!
And as petticoats are short,

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